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Sepiolite Clay is a naturally occurring mineral of sedimentary origin, characteristically lightweight and porous with a large specific surface area and low chemical activity. It is a compact mineral with an acicular structure and, chemically speaking, it is a hydrous magnesium silicate that is valued for its rheological properties, as well as its outstanding suspension properties in aqueous compositions.

PANGEL is a sepiolite product which is obtained by means of a special purification and micronization system patented by the TOLSA Group of Spain. Mined in Spain, PANGEL is a natural, safe and reliable clay product produced without use of chemicals, solvents, synthetics and sterilizing treatments, making it a perfect ingredient for those looking to make “natural” and “organic” products. Since sepiolite clay is naturally occurring and processed without the use of any chemicals it does not need "REACH" registration. Because of its inorganic nature sepiolite clay is not a nutrient for bacteria, thus increasing the stability of the thickened system against microbiological degradation.

The Pangel Product Line

PANGEL products are offered for both personal care and industrial applications. There are six grades of PANGEL products that are used in the cosmetic industry.

Pangel HV: Granular form. Best for water based lotions and cleansers. High efficiency thickener and filler suspension agent

Pangel S 9: Powered version of HV

Pangel B grades: Powder form, organic treated grades for low to medium polarity. O/W lotions and creams, face mask and color cosmetics. Superior pigment suspension.

Sepiogels: Predispersed Pangel B grades in solvents, oils, and silicones, custom made to specification ease of use in production of lotions and creams.

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